martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

My great grandfather's letter

Dear all,

My days here in Argentina have been a little bit harder than the ones that I had spent with you in Spain, but despite of that I’ve been living with some good people I have known. They gave me job and a house to live, but I still miss you so much. In two days time I will be leaving Buenos Aires in order to go to Entre Rios to get a new job. My boss has got a good friend of him there, so he is going to take me as volunteer of his butcher’s.
I’m happy because of this, I want to learn the butcher’s by trade I know I’ll learn it fast because I want to save money to visit you soon. I’m preparing my luggage at the moment, so I can’t write to you now, but I promise I’ll do as soon as I get to Entre Rios.

All my love,


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