martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

My great grandfather's letter

Dear all,

My days here in Argentina have been a little bit harder than the ones that I had spent with you in Spain, but despite of that I’ve been living with some good people I have known. They gave me job and a house to live, but I still miss you so much. In two days time I will be leaving Buenos Aires in order to go to Entre Rios to get a new job. My boss has got a good friend of him there, so he is going to take me as volunteer of his butcher’s.
I’m happy because of this, I want to learn the butcher’s by trade I know I’ll learn it fast because I want to save money to visit you soon. I’m preparing my luggage at the moment, so I can’t write to you now, but I promise I’ll do as soon as I get to Entre Rios.

All my love,


The family

                             Here is my grandfather's family. You can see his brother with his wife and his sister by his side. My grandmother is there too. This photo was taken in a birthday party of one of the member of the family.

My mum

In 1969 Mirtha was born here in Buenos Aires. She was the third child of the family and the only girl. In 1988 she would become my mother, at the age of 19.

The wedding

My grandparents get married in 1962 in Entre Rios. My grandmother was 22 years old and my grandfather was 28. A year later they decided to be parents and started their own dream of having a family. After the second son was born, they moved to Buenos Aires.

In this photo you can see Lucas. He was the first son of the marriage. He was born a year before Ricardo and Elsa got married. As he was the oldest brother my mother chose him to be my godfather. 3 years after that election he died.

The most beautiful bride

This is my grandmother. She was 22 years old when she got married. For me is the best person I have ever met, everything I am now is because of her. She encourages me everytime I try to give up doing something.

From my great grandfather to me